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Gay bowling leagues or choruses tend to skew towards a 35 and older crowd for some reason. Also, check Facebook groups if you are on Facebook. I've known thriving groups of gay seniors even in VERY rural areas of North Carolina, so they exist everywhere in fact, the less of a "Community" there is, the more tightly-knit these groups tend to be out of self-preservation. The Internet has made finding others like ourselves much easier, but the best connections, especially for older folks, are general doing more "old-fashioned" things like game nights.

Most cities will have an organisation for older gay men to meet each other and younger admirers as well. Prime Timers is the most well known Prime Timers Worldwide. In Australia, the Mature Age Gays hold get-togethers to meet older gay men. You can visit the website Silverdaddies dating for mature gay men. Although this site is mainly for men seeking sexual encounters, you can register for the purpose of meeting men for friendship. If you just want sex with an older man, then visit a gay sauna or bathhouse. These are frequented by older gay men, and by those seeking the same.

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Let it go, girls. Look good for your age. Sorry, OP, I have no website for you. Part of me wants to judge you negatively for the "boundaries" you've stated. But another part of me understands the desire to date youthful people, even though I'm a lesbian. I'm 42 and I never thought I was the type to give a shit about my age until I turned It's been difficult to accept the fact that I'm aging and my body is changing for no other reason than longer exposure to gravity.

It's really true, once you hit that magic age of 40, everything starts to change. I've always liked older women but when I started struggling with my age, I found myself more attracted to younger women. I'm kind of over that little crisis now but I do relate it directly with an unwillingness to face reality. I wish you luck in finding your perfect man but I also caution you not to wish yourself into lifetime bachelor status. Love can be found in places you never thought to look. Wow, this is so not a gay thing, but a male thing.

Change the genders desired, and this sounds like a straight guy forum. Well said. But the reader of that message has to be a thinking person anyhow Older men liking pretty young things is nothing new and nothing confined to queer life. Just look at all the straight men out there that dump their wives after they turn 50 and pick up some 20 something bimbo. Geeze some of you younger guys seem so mean and nasty.

Not sure why anyone would want you at any age. People are just expressing how they feel. I doubt anyone is looking for the advice of a 20 year old loser. Imagine it. I was in my late 40's when I became single. I joined a few meetup sites with no success.

Learned about Silverdaddies and met quite a few great guys there. On Silverdaddies, if you're in your forties, you get it from both sides, as you might say. Problem was that the guys I was meeting were too far away for anything beyond a weekend tryst. So I cut my parameters to a 20 mile radius from my home. Within a week I met a guy in his late 20's.

Tall, blonde, handsome, with a thing for older guys. Lots of 'em out there. In May we'll have been together for six years. I am 47 and open to date any age. I am constantly hit on by guys in their 20's and not for money as some of these posts have suggested. I workout 6 days a week have a body better than most twenty somethings, I have all my hair and its not gray and look in my mid 30's. It is possible to be older and still be able to attract hot younger guys and it cracks me up when younger guys who aren't as attractive and don't take care of their bodies get jealous that I'm attracting the guys they want.

So they love to say that the younger guy must be after money. Well its not always the case, I know this is especially true for me because I am a returning college student living on financial aid. I feel sorry for all you haters.

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I'm having a blast. Middle Age isn't supposed to mean the exact halfway point. Middle age is the spread between 35 and Jesus there are some judgemental people on here. Just because it is not for you doesn't mean it isn't right Get over yourselves and on with your lives. I'm in my mid 40s and have dated many lads in their 20s to our mutual satisfaction and they keep coming back for more. Hmmm can't argue with what attracts you but a few years older and the sex is soooo much better!

Seriously, I am in mid fifties and I spent a weekend with a guy last fall who was Sex was OK and he was buff and all but I came away hah pun there thinking that a few more years would have improved him so much. Mid forties to my age is so much more satisfying and you usually don't have to worry about being too old for him some day. Because he Will get old too. Some of you bitchy young guys or bitter older ones need to lighten up. Male mammals are biologically hardwired to seek younger partners. I have a lot of straight friends and they are all attracted to young women, so it isn't some sick issue with fucked-up older gay man.

And there are a lot of young men who are bored with guys their age and seek the maturity of older guys. And, some people here need to get real about people "using" people. Using and being used is a normal part of all relationships. Being abused is something completely different. When I was younger I was lucky to be very good looking. I got a lot of dates and attention clearly for that reason alone.

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I knew I was being used. So what! I got off on the attention. What is annoying about OP is that he wants his cake and to eat it too. You want to fuck younger guys be prepared to pay for it. You are just as superficial as those younger guys that are only into your money. You want to fuck young hot bodies? They want to be taken care of. Young guys need incentive to lick your wrinkly sagging balls and no, the stimulating conversation and "wisdom" you provide as an elder gay is not really incentive.

I have no problem with daddies wanting to have their boys, but don't be a fucking cheap daddy and don't get get all sanctimonious expecting a one way parasitic relationship that clearly favors your issues as a stunted man child. Yes, my brother is a straight version of the OP. He is single and has had one relationship in the last 20 years. The relationship didn't last long. He was a sugar daddy who paid for a tummy tuck and who knows what else. All you young guys giving the guy shit for liking younger guys need to take off the gay tinted glasses There are allot of young guys that like older.

I just got dumped by my 31 yo fuck buddy today for being too old Had about 6 good months of being a DILF. But this, and another one calling out "fuck me daddy" while I was pounding him, have set me back on a clear 37 minimum. It never lasts, DLB. Just an an interjection: Because straight guys take such fuck awful care of what they look like and because gay men over compensate for youth oriented gay culture by taking care of their appearance, yes, gay med DO appear younger than their straight counterpoints.

Multiply that with a huge social shift of hygiene and diet and comparison of what 40 year olds used to look like, like a picture of Andy and Judge Hardy, and you CAN say that gay men in general DO look younger that what you would expect. I'm 48 will be 49 in June and over the last year I fucked two guys, one 25 and the other 24, both of whom kept texting me for a few weeks thereafter about when we could hook up a second time with one saying he wanted it to become a regular thing. I was only interested in one time with each, however, and did not see either one of them again.

This isn't bragging on my part -- believe me, I'm far from some stud -- just confirming that there are younger guys out there who very much dig older men. And you don't have to pay for it, they will give it to you free of charge. Doesn't matter how old you are, or what you look like. You will get an Asian boyfriend in a matter of seconds. Come on older guys, show us what you look like.

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I bet a lot of us younger guys will find you hot. But they might just be closeted and desperate or might have just found out they are poz. My friend in his 20's became VERY active more so then before, I'm pretty sure he was poz and gave up on himself because he screwed anyone bare ugly, fat, old, poz, drugs etc no questions asked. They must live in gay ghetto isolation then. Can you imagine the reaction of grown ups to a 40 something suddenly dating a 20 something?

You state you want guys "". What if they're 39? What if they're 43 and look 35? How did you arrive at this age range? You likely have good looks, but certainly not in a league breathtaking beautiful with a body to match. If you had such, you wouldn't be searching for a man within your range - you'd probably have one by now. Would you reject him? Would you require a BMI test? Have you rejected younger men because of this. If you encounter the said average man, would you look at his inner beauty, stability, charm and reliability?

Have you rejected men because you focussed totally on youth and appearance. The specific website that you're seeking does not exist or you wouldn't have to ask if there is one. The hook-up site "MISTER" might come close, but the men you're seeking go nowhere near it unless you have looks, money and connections. Then, it's moot point. You might have to adjust your rigid standards or just accept being alone. You could hold out - but it could be endless waiting while time marches on.

You could be age 50 and asking the same question. Many have. Define rich. Very rich, and well off. In New York, a million in cash is dinner money and you can't live in a very nice place. In the middle of the country, that's a lot. In LA, many "rich" people could not write a million dollar check if their lives depended on it. And above 50, it is about money, or at least security. R11 -- in my experience, Silverdaddies is heavily populated with married men looking for down low.

I'm 53, and not very interested in anyone much under 35 - 40 as a minimum, but have to agree that a lot of guys my age want young'ins. Older guys are too set in their ways. And they always want to fit the younger guys into their lives like a puzzle piece. They expect YOU to move in with them. They expect you to fall in love with their nasty ass pets.

Most of the sites are filled with guys looking for hookups, members are often married. One of the better sites I have found is silverfoxie. The problem there is it is very small and limited. Better than daddyhunt or silverdaddies.

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Many men straight and gay let themselves go at a certain age. Their contemporaries who take greater care shun them. No wonder so many gay men prefer to stay in the closet. Maybe I should get married with a woman and breed six kids after all. At least then I won't be found dead in front of the TV two years after I've died of loneliness.

There are many dating sites that I know for gays. You can have a bunch of choices there But why would you go on those sites if I am already here? I am a man looking for a gay partner. Someone intelligent enough to discuss intelligent topics with me. Feel free to add me at skype. I will be waiting for you. I'm 45 and I admit that I find young men extremely attractive. However, I prefer the company of men within 10 years of my age. It might be fun to fuck a something, but I can't imagine what we'd have in common. Men 35 and up are quite attractive, and I've come to the personal conclusion that they peak between 35 and Even men past my own arbitrary cutoff of 55 can be very hot, which is why I "never say never".

I love intergenerational sex and support relationships with age differences, but on a personal level I can't imagine chasing after guys that are just a few years older than my friends' kids. For sex, sure, but relationships? I can't imagine that working out well. Eventually he'll hit his stride just as you're getting into dentures and diapers. How would that play out? Not many guys in their 50s want to play nursemaid to an elderly partner on death's doorstep. Why such a mystery?

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The reason older gay men fancy younger gay men is the same reason young gay men fancy young gay men - derrr! Hardly rocket science. Same with straight people, except they have the advantage of longevity so less likely to find themselves alone in middle age. When you meet someone young and stay with them for years I guess you remain attracted to them, but if you're single in middle age, why would you be attracted to someone else middle aged any more than a young person would be? For the above reasons I would say being gay is misery for most over the age of 35 - just look at the online chat rooms on Gaydar - barely anybody under I rest my case.

But you ARE a sugar daddy! That's the only way your going to get the young, tender flesh you think you deserve. I take it you're not referring to me. I'm not a sugar daddy - I don't have the income for a start I prefer middle aged guys my age. But when work takes me to Asia and I have some time on my hands I get a lot of young guys contacting me. Both bottoms and tops.

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And no, nothing in my profile on Scruff gives away the fact that I'm from the US. Based on some of these responses, apparently some people feel that THIS is the best dating website for middle-aged gays to meet younger ones. So much bashing going on here. Isn't love hard enough to find without putting limitations on it like age, race, sexual position We are lucky to find someone that we connect with.

The guy wanted to find a site geared toward his preference so that he wouldn't be treated like this!! Everyone needs to stop being such dicks,. It's not the preference for younger guys or somewhat hypocritical double standard that he expects to be attractive to younger guys, although he himself is not attracted to guys in his age range. You are offering neither lifestyle nor festish satisfaction to any potential candidate.

What do you suppose you have to offer someone who meets your age requirement. I cannot believe the vitriol spewed by some of the people on this forum to older men who are attracted to younger guys. It pretty much reinforces the stereotype of younger gays being materialistic and shallow. This is most definitely NOT the case over all, and there are plenty of educated younger guys who appreciate the maturity and wisdom of older men.

One has to wonder from where this negativity arises. I am 51, and have had plenty of younger guys who are attracted to me one special one now with me for two years , and I am not wealthy, or especially hunky. This type of ignorance of the larger world probably comes from the influence of the vacuous gay bar scene, of which the younger men I know are not into.

Most are bisexual, so that type of atmosphere is neither needed nor appealing to them, but for some younger gays, it apparently is the center of the world. If the feeling is mutual, why should anyone care? I'm 45 and take very good care of myself, am in good shape and a total top. When I look for some fun online I am hit on by more 18 to 24 year olds than guys in my age group.

Many of them claim to be straight or bi but that's another story. I have fun with them but would not want to date them. And I'm getting more young ones now than I did at It must run in the family. My dad became single again at 46 and he was hit on mostly by girls in their 20s. Hmmm im 19 and average build i only want older guys but sadly they all are way to gentle with me in bed hahah to bad i can't find someone worth the time hmmmm. Oh come on. Hundreds and thousands of older gay men would gladly accommodate if the man was young, hung and had a gorgeous face and body.

Straight men, too. They'll make absolute fools of themselves. I stick with guys my own age personally, they pay their own way and everyone is happy. Im 50 my b. We've been together for almost 2 years. I've never paid him a dime and he's never asked for it. He originally approached me. I didn't chase HIM, seduce him or molest him. He's a very hot guy and could D probably have any guy he wants. Anyway, the rudest and cruelest people weve come across are are gay guys under What happened to love who you want?

Just proves your immaturity and shallow minds. Nuff said. I don't understand ageism among gay men. You are making rules that will eventually apply to YOU, as well. Which means that if you are gay, you only get to have fun, be sexual, be out there in the world half as long as straight people do? What the fuck? How stupid ARE you? Oh, I guess I answered my own question. Honestly, your best option is to meet a nice Asian man. You can probably find a guy younger than you. You probably don't even need to be in shape or particularly wealthy.

All the employed, clean, clever and sociable 50 years olds I'd like to date or screw want younger guys. OR, they are cheating on their bf or husband in sexless relationships. If you've kept yourself in fairly decent shape, Grindr still works. I'm 50 and both of the guys I'm fucking are 28 and 27, respectively. And both of them hit me up, not the other way around. So there is still hope after Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Daddyhunt is good. Scruff also is for older guys into younger guys. The address does not work R2. Is there another spelling? Give it up OP. Stick with old men like yourself.

No young guy wants you unless you're rich. What exactly is it then, OP, that would interest any of us in one of you? OP, why not try your luck on a "normal" dating site and include your preference in your profile?