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According to the policies of this site I wasn't allowed to describe the horrible incident happened to me in this property, but to make a long story short I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. And that was her response: This was a very very risky behaviour. The result of inviting home strangers met around was an aggression , he said. But this is not our fault.

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There s no point in taking revenge of us by writing such a feed back.. Cihangir area is very safe, as any istanbul guide can easily confirm. But it s islamic, and this guest was not discreet at all. It is very unfair to find out problems about our apt I understood how unlucky I was to stay in the most homophobic area of Istanbul. These are other evidences:.

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I am really for the for the bad experience.. Let me copy just a quick list of homophobic attacks from United Kingdom in the last few years, for example. The victim was subjected to homophobic abuse at a bus stop on The Strand, before he was then repeatedly punched in the head. Scotland Yard have stated that the offenders were two white men in their twenties wearing dark jackets. After the attack, they fled towards Trafalgar Square.

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The attacks took place in East London. A gay man left for dead in a suspected hate crime was violently attacked as he lay "curled up in a ball" after he went to a pub in his new area to make friends, his family say. Carl suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain in the assault and his family say doctors said he was lucky he wasn't killed. A year-old gay man arrived at Kentish Drovers pub on Peckham High Street in London holding hands with his boyfriend.

Authorities sentenced Anjungi Lam, 35, to two years in jail for the 5 March attack.

Stephen John Port is a convicted British serial rapist and serial killer. Port received a life sentence with a whole life order on 25 November I sincerely hope that you do not take it as victim-shaming but I think we all need to be careful with people we meet for random sex, whom we know nothing about.

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Ultimately all big cities hold some risk, especially in night life. Istanbul is actually safer than most other big cities except some typical tourist traps. I recommend people to take a look at the safety warnings on Istanbulgay. Com if they visit Istanbul:. Yes, ultimately all big cities hold risk and all big cities have these hate crimes. The difference is that in some cities, these hate crimes are not taken seriously by the policy, are accepted as ''you deserved it'' attitudes by the government authorities, press, religious institutions, and the general population.

In your list of hate crimes in the UK you also name the punishments and prison terms they have received.

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Can you list the same for Turkey? Further, It is impossible to accurately compare the stats as in many countries, the crimes go unreported for fear of repercussion. Despite these I acknowledge Turkey is far from the level of Western countries in terms of fighting homophobia and things are getting worse in recent years. Otherwise I did not intend to claim Turkey is more liberal and democratic than UK.

That is a completely different subject and this person is fighting for a more democratic, secular and "westernized" Turkey for decades. Eslen-Ziya, H. Being a gay man in Turkey: Good luck! Hannah L Harrison. University of Guelph. Selecting study participants is always challenging, especially from a population that may not wish to be selected for the characteristics you are interested in i. I would also recommend the "researcher account" approach, as you will allow your study participants to self-select. You could also use snowball method also called key informant method and ask your self-selecting participants to identify others within their social networks who also use the dating app, thereby expanding your reach.

By discreetly asking for study participants that is practically impossible to know if your selection is truly "representative" of the community as a whole. However, if you are interested in saturation of data content rather than representation across a total sample, you may be able to achieve that through interviews with your participants.

I suppose it really depends on your research question and what type of information you are hoping to collect from your participants. Still looking for an answer? Search through all questions on ResearchGate. Search through 1 million questions with answers from experts on ResearchGate. Already a member? Log in.

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Sign up to search through 1 million questions with answers from experts on ResearchGate. Welcome back! Please log in. Most researchers use their institutional email address as their ResearchGate login. Password Forgot password? While there are a lot of similarities between Hornet and Grindr, the newer Hornet works much more smoothly, with less of the irritating ads that pop up on Grindr to get in between you and your new piece of eye candy.

What makes Hornet so great for gay travelers are the community features that help users network beyond dating. It started in Berlin and has now spread around the world and, while heavy on the hook-ups, also enables users to find friends, dates or learn more about LGBT issues.

It aims to be a safe and friendly environment where you can live your queer life to the fullest.


The app is free and it just takes creating a quick profile to get you in touch with tonnes of guys all over the world. Wait, what? This is the largest gay social network in the world? Well, it was developed in China and the majority of its 27 million users are there. Internet censorship is rife in China and Blued is a way of getting around the banning of sites like Grindr. Its founder is a former policeman and committed to LGBT rights and we love that the network is now in partnership with Hornet. Although it might have been set up as a Grindr for straight people, there are now lots of gays using it; just set your preferences and enjoy the wealth of choice there.

Calling all bears, or fans of bears; this is the gay hookup app for you. Businesses might even use their Growlr HOT! Spot feature to give app users Pro features. This works in a similar way to Grindr and Scruff — you get matched with someone who catches your eye and then the two of you take it from there.