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Before I joined Grindr, i would have never thought to consider hooking up or dating someone that was not traditionally considered age appropriate.

Younger guys make me feel younger, and I feel like I am going through a proper adolescence since I came out so late. They looked good for men their age but made themselves look absolutely pathetic with the obvious dyed hair and earring. Starving themselves to death trying to maintain a thirty inch was to me was crazy. I worked all my life and feel I deserve a bowl of Bryers Butter Pecan every now and then.

How does it feel dear now that the shoe is on YOUR foot? Being older and going on Grindr, or even going out to a gay bar pretty much is an eye opener. I just turned 37, and I consider myself a fairly attractive man for my age.. Man, was he right! I notice lots of older attractive men on Grindr. This is with both the younger AND older guys on Grindr. The reason? The younger guys are only interested in younger guys, and these older men on Grindr, are obviously only interested in screwing young boys.

I also tend to find out this is prevelent in your sexual position. I guess to feel superior and to feel young again. Its tough in general being an older single gay bottom. Seems nobody really wants you. When people are very nosy and ask about my personal life, I tell them that I identify as gay but am no longer a practicing one. Silver daddies.

Forget Grindr. I know guys IN their teens and twenties who despise Grindr. Search for: Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of life age dating stories and more. ChrisK Grindr is mostly twenty somethings. DarkZephyr But he said he wants an app for guys more like himself…. Gerontophile Youths - rare as a snowflake in August. SQ youths - For a certain subset SQ of gays?

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Only zones in red designate sex work as illegal. I cringe when I see a couple consisting of an unattractive older person and a younger self-consciously attractive younger person and they act as if they are deeply in love. Also, being in the closet is going to make things harder, unless the venue you are using is a discreet one already. But in addition to the wonderfully rational answer below, here is my 2 cents. Also, make yourself attractive. Appearance is a little bit of it, obviously hook-up culture but I mean as a personality.

Make them want you. Oh, be flexible. Your health and the health of your partner is always important. Be honest about your age.

LGBT documentary: Gay, Old and Out

I met up with one guy, whose age was not displayed on the profile, and I saw a body photo, but in person he looked different because he had slimmed down and had grown a bit older. I was turned off then and there. On the flip side, there are a couple of guys on Scruff who are over 60, in good shape, who I would definitely like to try it with!

Also, one more thing. Younger guys are more likely to be emotionally vulnerable. Maybe they have never had a gay friend before.

Maybe they are still a virgin. Maybe they have only valued for their sexual ability. Either way, there probably is going to be fear, isolation, desire for validation and affirmation. Be the one to give that validation. Might find a regular hook-up buddy in the process.

Younger guys also want to live. What, as a 20 yr old something new on the scene, you would NOT want to happen to yourself. Do the opposite. And remember that creepy for everyone is different. He stays just a short distance from my home so we often saw each other, and on a few occasions we sat and had a beer together.

Famous Gay Men | List of Gay Male Celebrities in History

I never once made a move because I just assumed he was a straight guy just being friendly. He often came around for a swim and that was it. Then one night when I was in the pool enjoying a skinny dip, he showed up and asked if it is okay for him to have a swim as well. I said yes of course he can but asked him if you could get a beer out of the fridge for me, and one for himself if he wanted one.

A few minutes later he was in the pool with me, standing by the side having some beer. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Open in a separate window. Measures The number of sexual partners In every biannual visit, participants were asked comprehensive questions regarding their sexual behaviors in the past six months. Sociodemographic characteristics Participant age was calculated by using the date of each visit minus the date of birth for each participant. Individual risk behavior Participants were asked if they were currently using the following drugs in the previous six months: Venues of seeking new partners At visit 50, we examined the venues through which participants met new sexual partners in the past 6 months.

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