Gay couple looking for a third

Nobody felt threatened that I was there, least of all me.

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No matter the situation they were in, they just wanted each other to succeed. No matter the situation, they both wanted the other one to succeed. They were in-tune. It was just about pleasure. It was about making sure everyone was happy. It was eye-opening, mostly because the relationship I was in was built on a self-serving, suspicious platform. Their relationship was like an epiphany paired with a killer orgasm. I knew I had to change my situation. Afterwards, we sat down and we talked. I asked them about how they handled being open. Their relationship had a solid foundation of trust but was not void of problems.

They fought and they bickered, in a healthy and safe way. I wanted to trust the person I was in love with. I wanted the best for him.

Sleeping with other people: how gay men are making open relationships work

I wanted what I saw in front of me. I wanted him to know that I trusted him in every situation he was in. I wanted his happiness, no matter the situation. I wanted that mutual support. I wanted a man that stood at my side and not in front of me. I wanted to hold his hand and succeed together. Maybe it was the endorphins rushing through my body but I knew what I needed to do.

I needed to find out if my boyfriend could be what I wanted him to be.


In the end, our relationship came to a close. There was no screaming or hateful words thrown back and forth.

It was a decision. I decided.

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