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Email address for updates. My profile My library Metrics Alerts. Sign in. Get my own profile Cited by View all All Since Citations h-index 51 33 iindex Articles Cited by. Journal of computer-mediated communication 12 3 , , Journal of computing in higher education 15 1 , , Journal of educational psychology 78 3 , , Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 11 4 , , International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 13 2 , , S, Does that matter? Look at the UN. Representatives from some of the most barbaric countries in the world chiding us for human rights violations.

If confronting their hypocrisy saves one gay life, who cares about motives? I hate to break it to you but you sound like a fundamentalist Puritan. Who exactly has been fighting back? This goes for nanny-staters who want make the dinner plate and the transport choice political as well. The lack of self awareness in this statement is breathtaking. It decscribes the left wing playbook exactly. Complain on behalf of designated oppressed group, then use the oppression stated as an excuse to attack others.

Loathesome though the Iranian regime undoubtedly is, the Jerusalem Post article suggests the Iranian man was executed for kidnapping and raping two year-old boys. In fact homosexual rapes are hardly mentioned in the media at all. I think the lefts issue with this is a in an interview someone asked trump about this initiative and he seemed to genuinely not have a clue about it. C trumps own policies have not been supportive of the lgbt community. So why would anyone look at this as a sincere attempt by the trump administration, especially since one of our major allies is one of those countries that murders lgbt people Saudi Arabia, and not as what it is, US imperialist policy against Iran.

There is also nothing anti Semitic with representative Omar critizing Israel. Israel as it currently exist is an oppressive nation who has committed untold amounts of atrocities against the Palestinian people. Keith, here I was thinking that you were taking a principled stand against working with people you disagree with and that may even have ulterior motives in trying to get regressive countries to quit killing homosexuals.

Max, it appears you think Republicans alone believe what she says is antisemitic. The Republicans are one on the subject, the Democrats are running in circles attempting to come to a consensus on whether they should chastise her or support her. There is difference between criticizing the state of Israel and bigoted attacks on Jews. This is just part of the game. Very true. Trump is political rival. Gay rights — just an excuse to funnel negative emotions, to antagonize people, to divide and conquer.

And then blame Trump for polarizing society. Progressive principle of diversity, equality and inclusion does not cover political opponents: Trump, without a doubt, is weaponizing the issue against Iran. That being said, to turn his weaponizing into a puerile sententiousness is just as big of an affront as the origin. This reminds me of the accusation levied against every white person anyone lighter than Wesley Snipes when they are recognized for helping a minority, fighting a terror group, etc.

That aside. Trump is not doing the right thing by condemning Iran while doing little, if anything, to secure safety and rights for the LGBT community at home. I should also mention that while condemning Iran he continues to turn a blind eye to purges of homosexuals in Saudi Arabia and the Philippines. Trump is absolutely an opportunist. I think most people would agree with that. I would grant that most — if not all others — have been more tactful in their duplicity, but saying that Trump has a Machiavellian streak is to say nothing at all when viewed against the presidents before him.

This is nonsense. Btw, what rights are you referring to?

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Pence is an old-school acetic Jesus freak. While I agree that the MeToo movement has gone too far, it is far from a valid justification for treating interactions between men and women as dangerous, de facto. The problem is that liberals and leftists are either obfuscating or amending the definitions of words so that they can either be applied to a significantly broader scope of actions or be applied to any and every action, with a little bit of Freudian analysis.

There are many people out there who declined to follow the Pence rule, and were falsely accused as a result. It is certainly NOT an irrational policy. Want to know what the number one crime of exoneration for that project was? Rape charge dropped against USC student after video surfaces. There was no rape; ergo rape shield laws are not applicable. What kind of TV station blurs the face of the perp? She just felt ashamed after going to bed with an Indian man and had a severe case of regret the next day.

The Pence Rule. Perhaps regrettable, but seeing the huge penalties for men and the high rate of false accusations, men cannot be faulted for applying it. Men are only behaving rationally in the face of a motivator. The Left loves its new weapon against men and uses it liberally.

Social justice is a surveillance culture, a snitch culture. There was a story about a mayor somewhere who was SURE she was the victim of a hate crime. Called the police, made a rush to judgment on social media, was supported by many people. It turned out that she had pollen on her car.

The Pence Rule is a solid antidote to such insanity. You lambast the MeToo and larger SJW movement and in the same breath advocate for capitulating to their demands for prostration. He is concerned with protecting himself from potentially false allegations. There is no downside to women due to this desire to have another person present. The question is WHY does he require a chaperone? He requires a chaperone because he is suspicious of women in general. The reality is nothing that Trump or Pence for that matter does would make you happy. If something goes well under his watch, it has nothing to do with him.

If there is more than one way to interpret something he says or does, for you there is only one way to interpret it and that is the worst possible scenario. What rights do they not currently have? Safe from disagreement? Heck, I am not safe. Homosexuals, male and female, experience highers levels of violence of a myriad of types, some stemming from outside ignorance, others from issues within the community.

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Those are issues Trump could, at the very least, acknowledge, and perhaps denounce those offenses. I do not think the reason Pence will not meet with a woman alone has anything to do with anyone throwing themselves at each other. What does actions are you expecting? This is a genuine question. Not literally throwing themselves at him.

I live in a multicultural area, LA, CA. I have met, worked with and done business with all sortsof people. They were respectful and I was able to conduct business no problem. I took these interractions not as rude or superstitious but rather as them not wanting to create intimacy. I am not sure what your experience with different religious persons are but the way you wrote seemed as though you have not interracted with many.

I am not sure which attacks the president ignored… did he not condemn the Jussie Smollett attack before they were deemed a hoax? They are a protected class. You cannot fire someone because they are gay, hiv positive, or trans etc. That is actionable. Trump signed an order eliminating the requirement of proof that an employer did not fire an individual due to the orientation.

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That lack of that requirement opens the door to the firing of individuals based on orientation. There was zero need to eliminate that requirement as proving an employee was fired for something valid is not difficult if the employee is indeed negligent. I would ask you where have you witnessed anyone requiring a chaperone or flat out refusing to meet privately with a member of the opposite sex? Trump is the only candidate who came out immediately to condemn the attack in Orlando unlike Obama and Hillary, who finally came out against guns.

Hillary then put the notoriously antigay father of the killer right behind her at a subsequent rally to signal her hatred of gays folks? Wiki leaks revealed her aids commenting on how she dislikes gay folks. You are not fucking serious are you? Jordan Peterson: Donald Trump: Peterson, with that statement, is tell people to shut up. Do we? Then again, when the international pressure campaign on South Africa to abandon its apartheid system began, it probably seemed pretty unlikely that that would succeed either indeed, cynical people at the time might have said that it was just a way for some of the countries involved to deflect attention away from their own less-than-perfect records on race.

Of course, whether or not it succeeds will largely depend on the details, of which we currently know little although the fact that activists from the countries targeted are not currently part of the discussions is not a good sign. I take issue with both parties pulling publicity stunts in an effort to score points. The difference between Iran and South Africa is that Iran has already been crippled by sanctions, while South Africa was chugging along before the mass divestment spurred by protests.

Theoretically, Iran could change their stance in an effort to get sanctions lifted however the sanctions having nothing to do with the LGBT community and everything to do with their nuclear program. In that case, the sanctions are one carrot, the LGBT stance and nuclear program are two sticks, Iran is only going to trade one-for-one. Featured image: Share this: AJ says. False Profiteer says. Unless grammer is a British spelling or something. Rendall says. Sadie Slays says.

Hayne Crum says. He hung on the tree, it dangling without the rope around the neck and strangling. Etiamsi omnes says. Peter from Oz says. Jerome Barry says. Both ways are correct. Loran Tritter says. Olson says. Farris says. Funny because all Trump zealots on the rights seem similarly infected. Amin says. And you know it too. Pappy says. DNY says. JJ says. Ferrel Christensen says. George G says.

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Olson it could be that gay rights activist and Wahhabi Muslims are in fact extremely pro- gay and pro- science: Jujucat says. Hestia says.

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Public meaning state-funded. I have too much American data bouncing around my head after the freedom dollar comments. Max says. CAY says. Literally heard nothing. I browse MSM articles regularly and did not know of this change. Not in the UK of course, but just putting it out there. This person [ga gamba] has removed every nuance to sensationlise this. Get a grip of yourself. I mean sex ed. Amin You did not respond to my question.

So after all the outrage was the material reinstated? May advice that you get a grip still stands. Joseph Ducreux says. The real test is whether Iran and Saudi are treated in a similar way. Morgan Foster says.

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Morgan Foster No. You probably just put a poster of her up and calling her a terrorist. Kencathedrus says. OleK says. Because feelz….. Craig WIllms says. Kencathedrus I shudder to think what the world would look like today had Hillary been elected President. Stephanie says. Stephanie Those trans activists are far from likely to be the same activists who advocated for equal marriage rights as the trans activists we are witnessing today frequently attack the gay community for a myriad of perceived sleights and injustices.

What results? Do give examples! Is that enough? What the eff are you on about?

Max and Amin I have eyes, I can see that things are better for myself and others than they were at any time during the Obama years. Literally all your blowback toward my statements are debatable, disputable or false. You are biased… rose tinted glasses and all that. Craig Williams Well, so long as you and your kin are doing better, fuck everyone else. Mark M says. BrainFireBob says. S says. S Yeah right, the invasion of Iran is just around the corner.

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What BS. Lydia says. Lightning Rose says. Defenstrator says. Ray Andrews says. According to the received doctrine. Keith says. CP says. Yes, David Duke endorsed Omar. Strange as the Democrats claimed he was aligned with Trump. CP The Republicans are one on the subject, the Democrats are running in circles attempting to come to a consensus on whether they should chastise her or support her.

George says.