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When you grow up as an LGBT person, it can be very lonely. You feel all alone. You feel you are a weird person with these strange feelings. You feel utterly powerless.

Add to that, being a Muslim and tackling Islamophobia at the same time. Strangers who did not stand up for me that day are now too busy telling my mum what to wear to the beach. It becomes an unbearable situation, a feeling of loneliness and powerlessness. We hope that a visible self-led LGBTQ Muslim presence at Pride sends a strong message to those who cannot march because of fear that they are not alone.

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Hatred and violence has no place in any of the communities we belong to and we reject and resist all forms of bigotry. The new Trustees met in January and have started making plans for Imaan. Membership is free and it takes just 60 seconds! To stand up to both homophobia and to Islamaphobia For me, coming together at Pride like this has always been a very political statement.

That is a place many of us have been before. Some of us are still there. Brand New!

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If you know of such a group, could you please take a minute to check your state's listing and make sure it has been included? Calling all queers in Malaysia! Mods, please delete if this post breaks any community rules Hi everyone. All are welcome. Crossposted in many communities on LJ.

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Current Mood: Frickin awesome. First gay PM for Iceland cabinet Iceland has announced a new government that will be headed by the modern world's first openly gay leader. Johanna Sigurdardottir was named new prime minister by the country's coalition political parties. The group will be using English texts.

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We are planning to meet once a month beginning in January. For more information, including the date and location of our meetings, please write to nur. We ask for everyone's support in helping to make this as safe a space as possible, which includes respecting the need for confidentiality for many of those who may participate in our group. For our first meeting, the reading will be Qur'anic Hermeneutics and Women's Liberation, a talk given by Asma Barlas available here: We invite all those who plan to attend to read the article ahead of time and bring your thoughts.

In solidarity, Nadia and Gabriel. Call for Submissions: In a special issue the 'Journal of Bisexuality' seek to further the discourse on the relationship between sexuality and spirituality. Muslim Perspectives. Held at George Washington University, October 26, I apologize these notes are so sketchy a summary of what was said.

Check the site http: Amal Amireh spoke about the exploitation of the gay rights issue by those with an Islamophobic agenda. She said the M-word has replaced the N-word.

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The issue of sexuality leads to the discourse of difference: The use of gay Muslims not for the sake of the gay people themselves but in order to bash Islam. It is used like the "oppressed Muslim woman" has long been used to attack Islam, when in fact the condescending Orientalist discourse that exploits this issue doesn't care about women. They insist on both Muslim and queer identity, and refuse to choose just one. They are attacked as "native informants," i. The politics of denial allows for the politics of homophobia, so that gays are subject to attacks. Amal stressed that this is not a Muslim monopoly: She concluded that we can be against homophobia without bombing the Muslim countries; to be against Islamophobia without the politics of denial of gays.

Imam Daayiee Abdullah stated that although gays are not specifically mentioned in the Qur'an, it does address them when it says "O mankind" and "O believers. About the homophobia found in the hadiths, Imam Daayiee said: The hadiths are stories used as an educating tool. This does not mean that they are historically factual. They help the Muslims to understand things; they are not rules to follow, or to harm people. As for hadiths saying to kill gays, Imam Daayiee said historically the hadiths have been used for politics: If you don't like somebody, find out how to get rid of them.

His advice is: Read the words of the Lut story in the Qur'an literally. The people condemned in that story are heterosexual men who used homosexual acts to rape. Sexual acts depend on the circumstances, e. On the question of reproduction: It does not mean that every man and woman is able to procreate. Do you restrict all people who are unable to procreate from enjoying sex? When the text is read by human minds, people become authoritarian by not filtering out their own biases.

There is no punishment for homosexuality given in the Qur'an. So scholars thought it was like heterosexual "zina. But for gays there's no legal loophole. The scholars have not provided an adequate account for gays, including nikah.

Gay muslim dating sites

As for social structures, repression of homosexuality destroys marriages because people are forced into unwanted marriages. This leads to honor killings. As for the argument that Allah created mankind in "pairs," which is interpreted to mean heterosexual pairs, actually when twins are created they might be fraternal twins, male and female, or identical twins, two males or two females. Imam Daayiee concluded that Muslims have the right to believe, to have a relationship with Allah, to seek justice--not "just us," and to articulate who we are and why we love the way we do.

Hisham Mahmoud presented a very anti-gay position. He began by reciting a Qur'an verse in Arabic and then joked with the audience that he had just cast a magic spell on them. He showed a PowerPoint display that listed homosexuality alongside "pedophilia," "rape," and "bestiality" as examples of haram sex.